Volunteering in the political landscape is important because it allows individuals to have a voice in the political process and to make a difference in their communities.

Volunteers can help with voter registration drives, canvassing, phone banking, and other activities that help to increase voter turnout and participation.

They can also help to educate voters about important issues and candidates and can work to promote policies that are important to them. By volunteering in the political landscape, individuals can help to shape the future of their communities and their country.

There are many ways to volunteer in politics.

Another way is to volunteer for a political campaign by researching the candidates running for the office you are interested in and choosing a candidate to support. You can then find your candidate’s campaign website or contact the campaign to register as a volunteer.

Other ways to make your voice heard:
• Know who represents you, the voter – research your elected officials (hint: Google is a friend).
• Register to vote (at state and local election office, department of motor vehicles, register online)
• Join your local political committee (register for the party that shares your personal beliefs, values, and ideas for government)
• Work as a poll worker (contact local board of elections)
• Attending meetings, city, town and state meetings have public hearings you can attend.
• Stay informed on the issues!
• Work on a campaign: knock on doors, make phone calls, help organize and support events.
• Help get out the vote!
• Contact your representatives (letters, emails, social media, voicemail)
• Donate to a campaign, local committee
• Vote, your vote matters!