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To create a highly informed and engaged electorate
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The values of freedom, respect for human rights and the principle of holding periodic and genuine elections.

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provide information to educate voters on process, voter registration, and issues impacting camillus


Take Action — We seek to strengthen the Democratic party with volunteers committed to voter engagement

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The mission of the Camillus Democratic Committee is to provide: “To the best of our ability” accurate and timely information to the Camillus residents, enabling them to be engaged in the concerns and issues that influence the quality of life in the Town.

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Dear Fellow Democrats:
On behalf of the Camillus Democratic Committee, thank you for making your voice be heard by voting in the past election.
Although turnout was low, Democrats did well in the county overall, as did our three candidates, Blake Carter, County Legislature, District 6; Emily Woloszyn, Camillus Town Board Ward 3, (as of this posting there is an 11 vote difference, no winner has been declared ) and Lauren Hardee-Chase, Camillus Town Board Ward 6, worked tirelessly up to the very end, listening to voters concerns and possible solutions. We are proud they stepped up to give voters a choice, ran courteous and strong campaigns, gaining personal growth, which will benefit our community in whatever way they chose to move forward.
Stay engaged, people like us will decide the future, we will continue to identify and support strong candidates who are committed to public service and improving the quality of life, 2024 is almost here.
We would like to recognize the Board of Elections and the poll workers, for their hard work.
With appreciation,
Daniel E. Petrick, Chair
Camillus Democratic Committee

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